Modern Mysticism Part 3 This week we visit with Rev. Diane McGehee who has survived abusive relationships, attempted to end her life by suicide, lived on the street, overcome her conservative Christian upbringing, and raised her sons as a single mother. She is a self-proclaimed “lover of control” and a “fixer”, and all of this has been fodder […]

Modern Mysticism Part 2 This week we visit with Vipin Thekk, a non-profit entrepreneur from the Washington, DC area whose work centers around teaching individuals and groups to adopt tangible practices that lead to greater “togetherness”.  From a place of togetherness, we can connect to and abide with what is most true for ourselves and our world, and […]

Modern Mysticism Part 1 Rev. Jimmy Calvert, currently a United Methodist Pastor, has a self-proclaimed MO that goes like this: “I think life is going to look one way, and then it never looks that way.”  He’s walked the path of unmet expectations that yield to an even greater opening over and over again, and he shares some […]

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