Sunday Noon Meditation Archives

The 7 Principles of Kriya Yoga

In this talk about the seven principles of Kriya Yoga, Goswami Kriyananda explains what are the most important teachings of every mysticism.

It is Easy to Fall in Love

In this talk from August 1986, Goswami Kriyananda speaks on falling in love, which is really the beginning of something, not the end of something.

The Three Paths

Kriyananda explains the three meditative paths which are: Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga, in this talk from September 2004.

Goswami Kriyananda Talks About Babaji

In this talk from the Temple’s 2008 Babaji Festival, Goswami Kriyananda discusses Sri Babaji, the founder of the Kriya lineage.

Move Up the Chakric Tree of Life

Goswami Kriyananda speaks on the beauty that is life, beginning: “There is so much radiance and so much beauty in this world. Ananda, Ananda, Ananda. How is it possible with all this beauty, there can be so much hatred and greed. It’s a mystery to me.”

Sweeping Clear Our Karmic Path

Kriyananda explains how the Law of Reversibility allows us to neutralize our karma by applying mindfulness and the art and science of Kriology. This lecture is from April 2004.

Spiritual Healing

Swami Kripananda, Goswami was one of Kriyananda’s foremost disciples. In this noon meditation from February 1st, 1987 on Spiritual Healing, Kripanandaji discusses “preventive maintenance” methods to promote and maintain long lasting spiritual health at a deeper level of our being.

Karma & Reincarnation

Goswami Kriyananda discusses the crucial link between karma and reincarnation, and how we are drawn by our attachments.

Life is a Boundless Mystery

It is our tradition to feature the Founder of the Temple, Goswami Kriyananda, in a recording specially chosen from our archives for the first Sunday of the Month. This month the recording is from May 1987. It was given by Kriyananda on the eve of his leaving for a sabbatical and world exploration. We hope you will find it meaningful and inspiring.

Cultivating Your Skills of Intuition 

Gain the skills you need to dissolve the emotional negativity, lethargy and moodiness of the mind. Transform your consciousness attuning to compassion, inspiration, sensitivity to Life. You are the guide to your unique path of life. Kriya Yoga provides a map to the more bountiful states of consciousness. Join with us for this inspirational meditation.

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