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The Temple of Kriya Yoga was created by Goswami Kriyananda in Chicago during the mid-1950s.  His purpose was to introduce the ancient, timeless teachings of Kriya Yoga to the Midwest.   Initially Kriyanandaji taught students at his home, later expanding and moving to several locations in downtown Chicago.  In 1979 a building was purchased in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.  This was the site of The Temple of Kriya Yoga for more than 40 years.

The teachings of Kriya Yoga provide a path to accelerated self-evolution.  The emphasis is on wise, practical daily living ,which when combined with the application of yogic concepts and techniques, will significantly quicken one’s development to greater spiritual maturity.  The seeker becomes more generally content while moving rapidly toward the goal of experiencing, and becoming established in, a state Samadhi (bliss, God consciousness, a state of permanent contentment).  You walk your own Path, in your own way, as you apply the science of Kriya to your life.   Greater knowledge is the goal with the intent that it leads to greater wisdom.  Greater wisdom leads to better decisions and Life improvement which naturally leads to increased happiness.

Kriya Yoga comes from India and is thousands of years old.   It was introduced to the US in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda.  Kriyananda’s Guru, Sri Shelly, was a direct disciple of Yogananda.  Shellyji  lived and studied with Yogananda in the 1940’s.  Shellyji then taught students informally with Kriyananda becoming his foremost disciple.

The Temple offers weekly Noon Meditations which are inspirational talks provided each Sunday.  These are given by students and disciples of Kriyananda as well as Kriyananda himself through video recordings.  This site also contains an extensive library of audio and video recordings of Kriyanandaji.  Our course offerings include: Meditation Teacher Training Program (MTTP), Professional Astrology Course (PAC), and Seminary for the training and ordination of swamis (priests). 

Goswami Kriyananda is the author of many books including The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga and The Wisdom and Way of Astrology.

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