The Sky Is Not the Limit Meditation

We only limit ourselves by our own inharmonious thoughts. In this meditation. Be present with the soft white clouds at sunset. Let the white noise filter out your limitations.

World Love Meditation

Today we will light the lamp of love. Sharing our energetic love and peace, to all corners of the world.

Trataka Meditation

This is an ancient method first given through the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
Trataka in Sanskrit means “to gaze”. Doing so will help to empty the mind. Creating better focus. Reducing anxiety and tension. As well as helping our overall cognitive function.
Traditionally, a candle is used. Today we will utilize the roaring fireplace.
Important note. This practice is not advised for those prone to seizures, schizophrenia, or any serious eye disorder such as glaucoma.

Grounding Meditation

We will use the energy of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona to help ground ourselves in the body, and in mind.

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