What is the Spiritual Life?

Does being on the spiritual path have to do with not eating meat, not making money, being bored, or being somewhat spacey? No!

The spiritual life is a search, not so much for yourself, but for the technique or procedure by which the self can create what it desires to create, in terms of time-space relationships. This searching is called the path.

“The difference between being on the path and not on the path is that those ‘not’ on the path are really ‘on’ the path – but aren’t conscious of it,” says Goswami Kriyananda. “The person on the path is doing the exact same things – but is aware of it. So the difference is self awareness.”

When on the path, you can think a thought you have not thought, and go where you have never been before. You can move your awareness from one place to another.

The first step is to lessen your cravings and desires – even the desire for God. This lecture explains how we can strive, with the help of the guru, to soften the intensity of our desires and move forward on the path.

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