The Puranas: Dreams of Creation

The Puranas are a seminal text forming a vital link in the living tradition of Yoga. They are a collection of ancient mystical tales expounding upon the original projection or creation of the universe, the dissolving and recreating of the worlds, the genealogies of the Devas, the periods of Manu, and the history of the solar/lunar dynasties.

The Puranas are a study of divine knowledge – knowledge of the absolute Reality, of Life itself. They teach us about the nature of consciousness, evolution, the mind/body complex, and the life cycles through which they journey. The Puranas are a study of you and the ever-changing, ever-unfolding vehicles through which you function. They explore your relationship to the Life Divine. This fascinating home study program unlocks the deep symbolism of the puranic tales and provides a commentary that offers you a profound understanding of the truths they reveal.

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