The Kundalini Upanishad and Awakening Your Serpent Power

The “Kundalini Upanishad” is found in the Yajur-Veda. Although this Uphanishad is classified as a minor Upanishad, it is of major importance to the yogi, because it deals with the fundamental and esoteric subject of kundalini. The great secret in this Upanishad is the breathing pattern. Goswami Kriyananda explains how kriya-kundalini awakening can be accomplished by esoteric yogic practices.

In the “Awakening Your Serpent Power” portion of this series Goswami Kriyananda reveals the secret associated with awakening your serpent power so you can speed up your evolutionary unfoldment. Goswami Kriyananda discusses the methods, means and concepts dealing with the sacred art of wisely and sanely awakening and directing the kriya-kundalini. He explores the use and procedures for using the kriya-kundalini to neutralize negative karma and to soften blockages so that you can move to higher states of consciousness. He also discusses the common misconceptions about the kundalini and how these need to be overcome through higher knowledge.

The Kundalini Upanishad

Awakening Your Serpent Power

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