The Astral of Rebirth

Goswami Kriyananda’s “The Astral of Rebirth” is a program created to enable you and every soul to improve your spiritual life and your earth life.

This very practical course will provide you with the spiritual tools needed to improve your rebirth patterning which therefore will not only improve this lifetime but future lifetimes. The rituals given will prepare you for a harmonious transition from the earth plane to a harmonious life on the astral plane and back to a more harmonious earth plane existence. The course will also teach you deeper esoteric practices that will transform your consciousness and improve your daily earth life today.

The wisdom and insight shared by Goswami Kriyananda is grounded in decades of his practice, and in the wisdom gained through the years of discipline with his guru, Sri Shelliji.

This is your rare opportunity to learn the deeper practical techniques of esoteric Kriya Yoga as well as the deeper insights to be gained into Life itself. Your consciousness will be spiritualized. You will learn to see Life as it truly is and thus will gain greater control over your life.

Goswami Kriyananda is known for his warmth, humor and deep compassion for each individual. He has opened “The Astral of Rebirth” program, some of the most extraordinary teachings of his life, to the general public in order that you who are open and awaiting may also receive the teachings which you seek.

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