Sure Relief from Grief

“The thing yoga tries to teach us is that life is about being happy,” says Goswami Kriyananda. “If we learn how to deal with life, how to live in this world, we have a sure relief from grief.”

The problem is that we’re always running after pleasure and excitement, and we get locked into the hell of ‘things.’ We forget that they are only instruments by which we do what we’re supposed to be doing in life.

We’re here on this earth to get wisdom and grow into an understanding of how to live. Certainly there are problems, but there is always one basic problem. If we can identify and deal with it, we have the ability to improve our life.

There will always be hurdles. But the only real goal is attain enlightenment. We’re not in competition with anybody, even though it seems the whole world is in competition with us. We’re only here to learn how to live.

“We suffer and feel grief because we forget that life is about getting happy,” says Goswami. “Ask yourself, what are you all about? If you think you know, but you’re not happy, then you’re wrong about what you’re about. There is a meaning for your individual life. You simply forgot it. It’s about getting happy with wisdom and self-awareness.”

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