Attaining Profound Meditation



Part I. Introduction: Understanding the mind, its reactions, and an overview of the specific levels and signs through which one’s advancement in meditation may be measured.

Part II. Methodology for Self-Analysis: How to understand the activity of the mind and gain the skill to become happy in an unhappy world.

Part III. Meditation: Covers practices to enter meditation and the means to determine and improve the speed of your success in entering meditation.

Part IV. A Deeper Analysis of the Observer: Consciousness exists, one of the sub-goals of meditation is to see how and if consciousness can be  transformed and transmuted. This lesson discusses processes to explore the observer consciousness.

Part V: Insights into Profound Meditation: Provides techniques to gain the skills needed for moving into profound meditation.

Part VI: The Breath Mind Relationship: Explores the intrinsic connection between the breath and thought.

Part VII: A Deeper Look at Meditation: A set of practices to move one closer to a state of profound meditation.

Part VIII: Insights into the Stages of Meditation: This lesson covers the stages of meditation and provides guidance on the movement through the stages.

Part IX: Awakening of Spiritual Intuition: The awakening of your spiritual intuition brings an immediate release of your creative mind and in time brings enlightenment.

Part X: Super Advanced Meditation Technique: This lesson includes a special advanced meditation technique, directly transmitted to Goswami Kriyananda through his guru Sri Shelliji and now shared with those taking this course. The practice of the technique will bring you peace and joy now, as well as a genuine revelation of who you and what you are.

Attaining Profound Meditation


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