New Moon Series

Month 9

New Moon Nine: Transmuting Your Mind States

Goswami Kriyananda reflects on “the Mind’ – and its tremendous power in your life. Learn to let go of negative mind states and create an awareness of more positive, constructive thoughts and mind patterns to ‘precipitate’ a better life.

The Mind of Man

​A meditation on the nature and qualities of the Mind and how the law of repetition affects the mind. Learn to create the correct life ‘mantra’ or attitude to remove negative proclivities (samskaras) and move your life in a more positive direction.

Beyond Thought to Life

​A meditation on karma, dharma and mind patterns of the past. Discover how to utilize the mind to attain a new awareness or new vision in your life. Learn how to go behind logic and thinking into a feeling state to lift from gloomy states to higher states of sunlight.

The Mystery of Your Mind

​The secret of life is the mystery of your mind. This mystery cannot be explained but needs to be experienced. Learn how the mind can escape itself not by logic, but through transcending itself by Wisdom in order to seek out immortal happiness.

Control of the Mind

​The purpose of life is kaivalya (liberation). Goswami discusses the abc’s of liberation. Use your mind power to neutralize negative forcefields from within you as well as from those around you. Learn to gather data, knowledge, ideas, and techniques and use them to grow into the eternal Bliss of life.

Creative or Cremative?

The mind is a computer and if it is not ‘creative’ will become “cremative”. Goswami talks about disciplining the mind by bringing it to a single state of creativity in order to solve problems and ascend the tree of life to see greater horizons. Move beyond thought to awaken to the Greater Reality.

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