New Moon Series

Month 3

New Moon Three: The Value of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is not only a technique for but attaining Enlightenment, but also a system of thought for living a balanced earth life while walking the Path. In this elaborate series, Kriyananda shares a vast array of Kriya Yoga values and perspectives for living in this challenging world with wisdom and happiness.

Kriya Yoga – Life’s Great Adventure

Man has always sought adventure. Learn how Kriya Yoga takes you on the path of the ultimate adventure of man. Kriyananda talks about the three conditions that govern everything around us and the three truths that we need to behold to reach the Ultimate Adventure. He shares some of the teaching stories about Babaji passed down…. to seekers on the Path.

Kriya Yoga and the Great Pathway

This recording deals with the Great Pathway. It deals with: the one factor that makes spiritual unfoldment impossible, merit, the value of the physical plane of existence, the value of life’s struggles and the mind as the ultimate protection on our spiritual journey. Learn how you can view your problems as a doorway to the Great Pathway.

Kriya Yoga and Scientific Spirituality

Kriya Yoga is a scientific spirituality that says that Life or the Reality IS approachable or knowable. Kriyananda teaches how to change your perception for the attaining of this knowable experience. Learn how the key step in turning inward in order to make our Cosmic Home knowable.

Kriya Yoga and Techniques for Enlightenment

This recording defines enlightenment in simple language and gives the meaning of what a spiritual technique really is. Kriyananda shares the primary technique for spiritual unfoldment and gives a number of meaningful philosophical techniques that will take you to the ultimate spiritual frontier of Samadhi.​

Kriya Yoga and Vivifying Your Life

The message of Kriya is learning to find your own answers for you!. This video is extracted from a noon meditation baptism. Learn to evolve within yourself a creative state of consciousness that can help you avoid future problems and soften existing problems that are presently in your life. Kriyananda shares a poetic meditation and an inspiring special blessing at the end of the message.

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