New Moon Series

Month 2

New Moon Two: Your Search for Personal Happiness

As the Bhagavad Gita states, “What is life without happiness?” This has been one of Kriyananda’s key dictates throughout his teachings. “Be thou Happy.” In this series, he shares insights and a full spectrum of perspectives on personal and spiritual happiness, what it is, and how to attain it in this life!

Your Search For Personal Happiness

Seek out your personal happiness, now. Tune into the power of balancing your body and mind for personal happiness and success. Learn the steps toward moving to the shore of infinite wisdom and happiness. Break free of compartment thinking and learn how the ‘irritations’ and obstacles of life may be signals or signposts for a better destiny. Allow life to flow more harmoniously.

The Yoga Process to Peace and Happiness

Yoga is one of the great pathways to ultimate happiness and success. Begin to recognize your station in life and understand how to balance the necessities of that destiny for greater happiness. Goswami focuses on creating happiness by establishing yourself as a ‘student’ of life. Learn to recognize that attachment is often a major hindrance to happiness. Learn to ask, help, and ‘let go’.

Expand Your Life to Happiness ​

The search for happiness is a universal truth. This meditation expounds on the good life. It is through the gathering of ‘experience’ that we come to use our ability (our yoga siddhis), to break free from confinement and constriction to a life of freedom. Learn to let go of the ‘past’. The search for personal happiness is the search for God-consciousness.

Happiness, Chance or Choice?

Happiness is not a chance condition, but a choice. This meditation focuses on how to choose happiness, how to plan for it, and how to ‘magnetize’ your mind to the ‘shore of happiness,’ by changing your inner environment. Awaken the capacity to be happy in this life, and enter the doorway to Illumination.

Your Search For Personal Happiness Part II

This meditation is about the awakening awareness that life is beautiful and we are here help, lift, and love, not to see life as as a burden (suffering). Goswami speaks about divine inspiration, prajna (wisdom) and intuition as a key factor to the attainment of your own personal happiness. Seek out your own Illumination with greater diligence and become happy!

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