Methods and Madness of Mysticism

What is a mystic? How do you become one?

In this course, recorded toward the end of Goswami Kriyananda’s long life, he shares the hard-won knowledge of a mature mystic.

He says: “Mystics are souls of intuition who use that intuition to understand the symbols that manifest internally and externally in our lives. Intuition is not gained through reading, or through hearsay, or even by direct study. It is gained by inturning, by reflection, and by discovering the laws of consciousness — the laws of your own inner life.”

In this series of 38 lectures, Goswami Kriyananda discusses the nuts and bolts of becoming a mystic. He tells of his experiences studying with his guru, Sri Shelliji, and the lessons Sri Shelliji learned from his own guru, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Goswami offers vital information and practical techniques for all levels of seekers. He notes common mistakes on the path, for instance holding false beliefs about karma. He explains what to do, regularly and consistently, to make spiritual progress.

​“Be at peace,” Goswami concludes. “Turn within, turn upward and explore. See, understand, balance and rebalance your attunement with life, with cosmic life. That is the path, that is the way, that is the way of the mystic, that is the message of the mystic. And for some it seems to be madness, but it’s not. It is the path and the way to the unfoldment of life as it is, but of which we are unaware.”

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