Online Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation is a tool to unlock inner focus and clarity. A journey of self-discovery, meditation improves health, reduces stress and deepens understanding. The gift of meditation is not what you can attain, but what you can remove. Meditation helps you release destructive thinking patterns and attitudes to revitalize your life.

Embark from a student of meditation to the rewarding world of teaching through our Meditation Teacher Training Program (MTTP). Whether you are looking to establish and sustain your own meditation practice, or teach professionally, we equip you with the essential knowledge, skills and certification required to successfully identify and reach your meditation goals.

Program Structure & Materials

This program was developed by Goswami Kriyananda, and all primary audio teachings were recorded by Goswami specifically for this teacher training. The program is led by Swami Pranananda, Mahaswami with support from graduates of the program.

The Structure of Consciousness
Philosophy & Cosmology of Meditation
Theory & Practice of Meditation
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
The Doctrine of Karma
The Nature of Thought Forms
Internal Preparation for Teaching
Communication Skills & Teaching Techniques

How to Structure Classes & Workshops ​​
Comparative Meditation Techniques
Overcoming Obstacles to Establishing a Meditation Practice
Benefits and Effects of Meditation Practice
How Yama/Niyama Relate to Meditation
Mudras and Bandhas
​Symbolism and Visualization

We offer more than meditation teachings and certification — we encourage you to pursue deeper truths and greater connections to all aspects of your life.

As a seeker, you can establish and sustain your own meditation practice, or teach professionally with certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga.

This program was designed to be completed in 12 months. If personal circumstances require, arrangements can be made to extend the time for completion up to 18 months. Certification beyond 18 months may be granted by the program director, based upon individual circumstances and progress in the program. Continuation beyond this period may also require an additional monthly love offering. Students wishing to continue after this period are responsible for contacting the program director to make arrangements to do so.

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