Kriya Dream Yoga - Seminar

In this 5 part seminar, Goswami Kriyananda shares his vision of reaching Samadhi. Always with the positive attitude, he wants us to dream clearly and get rid of the hallucinations of the world and find who we are. The power base of the earth life is the mind body mechanism – the unconscious mind. By reaching this level of thinking you can control your constrictive karma. This workshop will give specific techniques for learning to recognize your dreams and how to use them to improve your inner world. As you change the thinking of your inner world your outer world will change. Many who have tried these techniques have found them to be life changing. Goswami Kriyananda says the point is not to reach Samadhi, but to start on the path and stay on it. By maturing and gaining control of your subconscious mind, you can alter the destructive path that comes from being unaware of the effects of emotionality. Watch these videos over a several week period, and see if your dreams become clearer. Take control of you life now with Kriya Dream Yoga

5 Video Recordings (5 1/2 hours)


Seminar 1

Seminar 2

Seminar 3

Seminar 4

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