Awakening Part 1

AWAKENING is a new program by Sri Goswami Kriyananda, which focuses on the practice of the mystical methods of Kriya Yoga that lead to awakening.

The program starts at the very beginning and moves through four levels of training. It is divided into five stages. Kriya Methods and advice will be given at each and every stage.

To begin with, an introduction, which is a clarification of the spiritual life and how this program is related to your life search. The program uses simple, clear English with very few technical terms, helping to transfer Shelliji’s ancient Wisdom to you in a way that you will easily follow and understand.

1) The Physical Level: This level begins with explaining how to establish a spiritual life-style. The key goals are body health and longevity. This will deal with food, nutrition, cell salts, minerals, water and affirmation, and how they affect your body. This level will also include the basics of affirmation, essential asanas, and the major Pranayama techniques to improve the body-brain complex – the hardware that the mind-body complex utilizes.

2) The Mental Level: The key goals are a sane mind and a clear mind. This level will discuss how to deal with your mind’s emotions, as well as yama-niyama, mantra, sense withdrawal and concentration, for gaining the essential steps to move into meditation, so as to attain a foothold on the next level of spiritual attainment and unfoldment.

3) The Astral Level: The key goals are discovering and utilizing these astral forces. This level will discuss the need of symbolism in walking the path; how to reach or become more aware of subconscious thoughts, emotions and past life karma. How to discover the needed astral force-fields affecting your karma, and how to delay, soften or dissolve your constrictive mind-states, awakening the astral body and using it to gain two or three key yoga siddhis.

4) The Spiritual Level: The key goals are reaching consciousness, awakening to the primordial cosmic mind, and how to enter into a deeper state of meditation. This level will discuss the key Kriya Method for reaching the final stage of awakening. Over and above these, many other areas will be discussed, which will bring the program into a complete whole.

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