New Moon Series

Month 1

New Moon One: New Dreams, New Beginnings

New beginnings are one of the basic needs of mankind. They offer hope and renewal. In this series of meditations, Goswami Kriyananda gives a number of beautiful perspectives for opening your life to new beginnings and new dreams. He reflects on beginning anew to improve your everyday earth life as well as awakening to the new beginning of the dream of spiritual enlightenment.

A New Beginning Part 1

​Often new beginnings come through ‘change’. Learn to take the changes in your life and see them as opportunities for new beginnings. See them as a movement toward achieving greater happiness. Learn the secret of breaking the barriers of old thinking to create new beginnings and the fulfilment of your earth dreams and goals.

A New Beginning Part 2

New Dreams, New Beginnings: Part II: Each new beginning in our life is ultimately a movement toward greater awareness of the spiritual values of life, and the attainment of Moksha (liberation). Goswami speaks on new beginnings as a returning to, and turning into yourself, to find the ultimate goal of yoga, the Bliss of existence, the state of celestial consciousness.

Renewal Of Your Mind And Body

Your life can be renewed to a life of happiness and meaningfulness.
This meditation focuses on mind and body renewal through ‘sharing’. Learn the secret of opening your life to greater happiness and wisdom through sharing and priming the pump of life with your consciousness.

Discovering Your New Life

Learn to control your life and move into life more expectantly. You are the Reality, the consciousness of the divine flame and it is possible to take that consciousness and discover a new life, a new beginning. A meditation on how to expand your life and find the treasure house of existence.

New Dreams

New dreams bring new beginnings. You are the creative principle, and can generate within yourself a new feeling, bringing forth new thoughts, new dreams, new states of consciousness. Learn to overcome limiting karma to make way for a better dream, and ultimately the dream of Enlightenment.

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