Mantra, Self-Awareness & Thought Forms

Mantra is one of the deepest and most powerful practices of yoga. Mantras are thought forms that generate a specific vibration and stimulate the mind. Their vibratory sounds feed oxygen to the brain, prana to the chakras and awaken spiritual consciousness. The use of mantra is fundamental to Kriya Yoga practice, because it can be used to soften confining karma and manifest positive past-life karma.

In this seminar, Goswami Kriyananda discusses the basics of mantra and the best way to use it to improve your life. He relates the importance of japa (mantra repetition), the use of the mala, and the differences between mantra, prayer and meditation. He reveals the relationship between mantra and the chakras of the astral body. Learn how mantra can be used to focus the mind and how mudras are used to increase the power of mantra and summon forth the creative energies of the unconscious mind. 4 mp3 recordings and 4 videos.

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